Root Interface AB

Industry of Integrations (IOI)

IOI is such that if any two system interfaces (APIs) are known and accessible, that via the conventions of IPSME, a translation can be created. And! that that translation can be monetized.
Distributed Computing, Javascript/Node.js/React/Electron (Visual Studio Code), c++17/ObjC (Xcode), HTML/CSS, IPSME/IDL/JSON, npm, bash/make, git, antora/asciidoc, Public-key cryptography, Google Cloud, Docker/launchd, macOS.


Use the IPSME conventions to form a system of systems integration (SoSI) for a games/music/art store-of-stores.
Javascript/Node.js/React/Electron (Visual Studio Code), Apple Code Signing, Java(IntelliJ), HTML/CSS, IPSME/IDL/JSON/Protocol Buffers, git, antora/asciidoc, macOS/Linux(Ubuntu).

IPSME is a set of conventions that forms an architecture where any participant to talk to any other participant, without need for a central authority and without standardization, provided groups of participants speak the same protocol.
Javascript/Node.js (Visual Studio Code), c++17/ObjC (Xcode), IPSME/IDL/JSON, WebSockets/SharedWorkers/ServiceWorkers, bash/make, git, antora/asciidoc, macOS.


MiM, Web of Interconnected Block Worlds

Integration of Minecraft virtual world instances (including connection migration), by reverse engineering the Minecraft network layer and implementing client/server-side proxies.
Java(IntelliJ, gradle, reverse engineering, obfuscation), TCP/IP/UDP/Asynchronous Sockets, IPSME/IDL/Protocol Buffers/ZeroMQ, Public-key cryptography, git/patch, bash/make, ssh, Google Cloud, Docker, HTML/XML/Markdown, JSON/Gson, macOS/Linux(Ubuntu/Debian)/Windows10.

Medical Resource Scheduling

Prototype for integrating highly disparate systems for scheduling, using distributed asynchronous communication.
OOD/Go4 patterns, Distributed Computing/AI, c++17/ObjectiveC(Xcode), Java(IntelliJ, gradle), git, PubSub/IPSME/Protocol Buffers/ZeroMQ, macOS.

MXA for Akademiska Sjukhuset

Integration of a legacy system for the Sektionen för Klinisk Mikrobiologi och Vårdhygien, Akademiska Laboratoriet, Akademiska Sjukhuset.
go(Visual Studio Code), IPSME, JSON, HTTP/HTML/CSS, TLS/SSL/AES, SQL(Mimer), git, Windows services, Postman, macOS/Windows10/Windows Server.

Metaverse- Doom3/Minecraft integration

Implement a teleport from Doom3 to Minecraft and back, and the syncing of inventories allowing items to be carried over.
c/c++/ObjC(Xcode/g++/make), Java(IntelliJ), OSS, git, IPSME/IDL, PubSub/ZeroMQ, macOS.

Recursive Ascent

Metaverse- Kickstarter: Internet 2021— The Metaverse — Internet of 3D Virtual Worlds

Prototype interconnecting the worlds of MUD, Doom3 and Minecraft, written in MOO, c++ and Java, respectively. Ability to create rooms in MUD using Minecraft. A view from Minecraft into the world of Doom3.
c/c++/ObjC(Xcode/g++/make), Java(IntelliJ, reverse engineering), MOO(LambdaMOO/JHCore), OpenGL, OSS, IDL, TCP/IP/PubSub, macOS.

Ph.D. Candidate

Internet of MOO Things (IoMOOT)

A GammaMOO/ virtual world as a behind the scenes resource to administer IoT devices in the user's physical world, with a dynamic TouchOSC mobile interface adapting to the IoT landscape of that user's physical location.
MOO(GammaMOO/JHCore), Javascript(Node.js), WebSockets/REST,, TouchOSC, iOS/macOS, svn.

Codename: Heroes

Architect the infrastructure for a persistent multiplayer pervasive game; implement the game engine, using a virtual world as mirror of the physical world. AndroidOS clients and a game master interface with the game engine.
OOA/OOD, c(g++/make), MOO(LambdaMOO/JHCore), Tcl, HTML/CSS/Javascript(Node.js), TCP/IP/WebSockets, TWiki, OSS, VMWare, macOS/Linux(Ubuntu)/AndroidOS, svn.

GDD as a Communication Medium

Prototype a new communication medium for the Game Design Document; via literature review, paper modeling, user-testing and an interview with two senior game designers from DICE, Stockholm, Sweden.

Traveur (WeRunFree)

Design of a meet-up map function for a pervasive service for the activity of Parkour running, striving towards `ubiquitous availability’ and `ubiquity of access’. Implementation of `probes’ to test feasibility of various technologies.
ObjC(Xcode), Java(Eclipse/AndroidSDK), REST/Json, iOS/AndroidOS, svn.

Secure System Design


IT consultant and web design/development for a landscape architect.
Web Domain admin, HTML4/CSS/XML, macOS.

Kairoo Records

IT consultant. Maintain entire IT domain of the client, including the development of an e-commerce music website linked to back office functionality. Migrate from a defunct system in VB6 to an immediate HTML/XML solution.
Java2(Eclipse), JSP, VB6(Visual Studio), SQL/PLSQL(Postgres/MySQL), HTML4/CSS, XML/XSLT/MsXML4, Win2000/XP.

Development of a SDK for sending (Belgium specific) invoices by email and connectivity with Internet banking.
c++(Visual Studio 6), Delphi(Pro7), PHP, Javascript, COM, XML/XSLT/MsXML4, HTML4/CSS, SpamAssassin, Win2000/XP.

1-Way Messenger

Development of skinnable one-way client/server messenger to deliver and pop-up update messages on 5000+ clients (possibly behind a firewall).
Delphi(Pro7), Windows services/WinAPI/GDI drawing (transparency), Multi-processing/threading, HTTP/HTML/XML, Win2000/XP/Win9x.

Profdoc AB

I/O Completion Port Server

Prototyping of a low-level technology for a high through-put, high performance server for 20000+ clients.
Delphi(Pro7)/Indy sockets, Microsoft Completion Ports/Winsock2/WinAPI, Multi-processing/threading, Win2000/XP.

GRS_api Service Application

Development of a pass-through component integrating Sjunet(medical net) of Stockholm with the Internet.
Delphi(Pro7), Windows service/SvCOM, XML/XSLT, WinAPI, SourceGear Vault, Win2000/XP.


QSE, Calculation Server / Scripting Engine

Inherit and complete the implementation of a server for medical data processing.
c++/VB6(Visual Studio 6), Windows Scripting Host, ATL, COM/DCOM, Multi-processing/threading, SQL, XML, Winsock, WinNT/Win2000.

DAT, Decision Support System

Design and prototype a system to assist medical personnel in decision making process.
OOA/OOD, c++(Visual Studio 6), COM/DCOM, Multi-processing/threading, XML, WinNT/Win2000.

HuissierLogin, login manager with card reader

Implement component to control login access via security card reader.
c++(Visual Studio 6), ATL, COM, SQL, WinNT/Win2000.

Real Software


Research and develop the XML pipeline, to be used in a document generation and delivery system, linked with an ERP/SAP system.
Java2, XML/XSD/XSLT/XPath, Unicode, CSS, Xerces XML parser/validator, Visual SourceSafe 6, Win9x/WinNT/Win2000.

Filepool consultancy

Implement a bridge between Java and the Linux OS; a COM interface for EventChannel event transfer protocol; and the website ezAttach asynchronous make & read using ASP.
Java(IBM SDK)/JNI, c/c++(Visual Studio 6/g++/make), ASP/HTML, COM, Visual SourceSafe 6, Linux(RedHat)/Win9x/WinNT.

Pioneer a high-performance search engine based on MsSQL full-text search (2mil records < 3sec), including database design/administration, hash caching, and HTML output.
ASP/HTML(Visual InterDev), c++/VB6(Visual Studio 6), SQL/Full Text Search(MsSQL Server 7), ADO/ODBC, Win9x/WinNT.

FCmClient, FdskClient

Maintain existing FCmClient application for the transfer of secure medical data. Create a disk transport version of FCmClient, by implementing the encryption/transfer/decryption pipeline and Unicode support.
c++(Visual Studio 6), MFC, XML/Unicode/UTF16, MD5, RAS dial-up/email transport, Install Shield Pro, Win9x/WinNT/Win2000.


Nextra NV, Belgium

Hardware and software administration of 10+ workstations; network administration of all with a Windows NT server and a network printer via Coaxial cable/Unshielded Twisted Pair. Configured Internet routing, security, and the sharing of media resources.



Add extension to WikkaWiki for the Comma-separated values (CSV) format, including support for Javascript programming to do cell calculations.
OSS, PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript, FTP, regex, git

*: Object-oriented Analysis/Design (OOA/OOD); Open-source software (OSS); Internet-of-Things (IoT); Gang of Four (Go4); Interface Description Language (IDL); ObjectiveC (ObjC); Publish/Subscribe (PubSub); LambdaMOO programming language (MOO); Advanced Encryption Standard (AES); Active Template Library (ATL); Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO); Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC);