MiM, Web of Interconnected Block Worlds

In the Internet 2021/Metaverse intro video (below), I state that "just interconnecting Minecraft would be an incredible feat". Project MiM, is exactly that; an attempt to interconnect all Minecraft instances into a web of block worlds.

MiM allows players to teleport or create portals to any other Minecraft server (Beta: only Minecraft v1.14.4 supported). Collections of portals formed a "personal teleporter room" (same functionality as the [Multiplayer Server List], but in-game). MiM-upstream allows server owners to create portals to any other Minecraft server (Beta: only Minecraft v1.14.4 supported).

The video below is a demonstration of the functionality MiM initially offers and its usefulness in Virtual Reality (VR).

At the height of the project, 123 Minecraft servers were linked to form a web. All servers were compatible with Minecraft v1.14.4. Before discontinuation, planned upgrades included making MiM compatible with all versions of Minecraft and employing a custom loader to allow the correct version of Minecraft to be loaded during teleport.


Teleporting across server boundaries

The first step in developing MiM was implementing the ability to teleport across server boundaries. This meant querying a server, to see if they support a particular portal and then migrating the connection of the player.

Thereafter it was made possible to teleport to public servers. A shared MiM-upstream component was run for a particular server and use to orchestrate the teleport. Later a local-upstream component would be run so that players could teleport to any server, even if there was no server-side or shared MiM-upstream component available.

Virtual overlays

MiM-upstream, when not run server-side (as a local-upstream or shared upstream), could be considered a virtual overlay over a Minecraft world. It is technically possible to have multiple overlays over a single Minecraft server.

This means the web could be queried for all MiM-upstream overlays for a particular server and then those overlays could be queried for portals or other information related to that server. A player could have personal portals, portals shared with friends and official server portals all available simultaneously.

Querying the web

A feature that was prototyped, but not implemented without the necessary privacy restrictions, was the ability to query the entire web of Minecraft worlds for a user's location and teleport to that same location.

This feature was to test the query of the network for information. If MiM were to be further developed, any information could be potentially queried or shared between Minecraft instances.


  • MiM

  • 02/2019 to 01/2021

This project is a demonstration of being able to teleport across server boundaries in Minecraft, including to servers you do not own. In addition, it is possible to: create a personal teleporter area which is more advanced than the vanilla Minecraft Multiplayer Server List and more user friendly in VR; create a teleporter from one personal teleporter area on a server to another; or, create a custom teleporter to your friends.