Root Interface AB

11/2021 to present

Chief Scientist, Founder

  • Industry of Integrations
  • IPSME.dev
  • Store-of-stores


07/2021 to 08/2021
parental leave

10/2017 to 01/2021

Project Lead

  • Publication: IPSME-Idempotent Publish/Subscribe Messaging Environment
  • Project: MiM, Web of Interconnected Block Worlds
  • Project: Medical Resource Scheduling
  • Project: MXA for Akademiska Sjukhuset
  • Project: Metaverse- Doom3/Minecraft integration

Recursive Ascent

09/2010 to 09/2017


  • Project: Metaverse- Kickstarter: Internet 2021— The Metaverse — Internet of 3D Virtual Worlds

Ph.D. Candidate

03/2016 to 04/2017
parental leave

04/2012 to 02/2016
Stockholm University

Immersive Networking, Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences

  • Publication: Virtual World, Defined from a Technological Perspective, and Applied to Video Games, Mixed Reality and the Metaverse
  • Publication: Spatiotemporal Modeling of a Pervasive Game
  • Publication: Distributed Technology-Sustained Pervasive Applications
  • Publication: Comparing Properties of Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds and the Internet of Things
  • Publication: A Survey of Characteristic Engine Features for Technology-Sustained Pervasive Games
  • Teaching: Supervisor: Victor Guerrero Corbi

01/2010 to 03/2012
Interactive Institute

Games Group, Mobile Life Centre

  • Project: Internet of MOO Things (IoMOOT)
  • Project: Codename: Heroes
  • Project: GDD as a Communication Medium
  • Project: Traveur (WeRunFree)
  • Publication: Athletes and street acrobats: designing for play as a community value in parkour
  • Publication: GDD as a Communication Medium
  • Teaching: Supervisor: Sergio Gayoso


09/2009 to 12/2009
upMarc, Uppsala Universitet

Research Assistant

  • Publication: Analyzing Performance of Multicore Applications in Erlang

08/2002 to 02/2007
Secure System Design, Uppsala

Consultant / Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship in software system architecture. Partially finance university. Self-employed as a consultant advising clients. Designed and implemented reliable in-house infrastructure paired with web-based solutions.

  • Project: StrakGroen
  • Project: Kairoo Records
  • Project: Overschrijvingen.be
  • Project: 1-Way Messenger

05/2003 to 10/2003
Profdoc AB, Uppsala

Software Developer

Remote work from Belgium to Sweden. Prototype Microsoft's I/O Completion Port model for a high through-put server and pinhole programming of a pass-through component integrating Sjunet(medical net) of Stockholm with the Internet.

  • Project: I/O Completion Port Server
  • Project: GRS_api Service Application

01/2001 to 07/2002
C3 NV, Belgium

Lead Developer

Development lead to further implement the calculation server, replacing legacy code, in the patient data management system for intensive care. Prototype a decision support system to aid medical decisions based on patient data.

  • Project: QSE, Calculation Server / Scripting Engine
  • Project: DAT, Decision Support System
  • Project: HuissierLogin, login manager with card reader

03/1999 to 11/2000
Real Software NV, Belgium

Software Developer

Various development roles, such as maintaining/extending existing applications, prototyping new technologies, and high-performance engine implementation. Pioneer usage of XML for the company and a "next-generation" search engine based on MsSQL full-text search.

  • Project: Var-E-Docs
  • Project: Filepool consultancy
  • Project: Hotrate.com
  • Project: FCmClient, FdskClient

1994 to 1998


Software/hardware technician migrating the client to a networked environment and introducing Windows95/NT.

  • Project: Nextra NV, Belgium

1988 to 1993

Assistant Manager / Cashier

"Fastest Cashier of 1700 stores throughout the USA" —Little Caesar's Pizza HQ