Stockholm University

Doctor of Philosophy

Computer Science
Degree of Doctor of Philosophy awarded: 20/June/2016
Dissertation: Distributed Technology-Sustained Pervasive (Mixed Reality) Applications

Uppsala University

Master of Science (2-year)

Computer Science, Mathematics
Degree of Bachelor of Science awarded: 14/Sept/2009
Degree of Master of Science awarded: 01/Mar/2013
Master thesis: Analyzing Performance of Multicore Applications in Erlang

University of Antwerpen

Licentiaat in de Informatica

Computer Science
Erasmus student Uppsala University (2 years)
Degree of Kandidaat in de Informatica awarded: 13/Sept/2006
Degree of Licentiaat in de Informatica awarded: 01/July/2008
Grote Onderscheiding (Magna Cum Laude)
Thesis: GDD as Development Methodology