Industry of Integrations (IOI)

Industry of Integrations (IOI)

Root Interface


Media, Root Interface
MiM, Web of Interconnected Block Worlds

MiM, Web of Interconnected Block Worlds

Media, Metaverse intro subproj, MiTM
Medical Resource Scheduling

Medical Resource Scheduling

Media, MiTM
Metaverse- Doom3/Minecraft integration

Metaverse- Doom3/Minecraft integration

Media, Metaverse intro subproj, MiTM
Distributed Technology-Sustained Pervasive Applications

Distributed Technology-Sustained Pervasive Applications

Media, Ph.D.
Internet 2021 — The Metaverse

Internet 2021 — The Metaverse

Media, Root Interface

Kim Nevelsteen, PhD


The domain of my dissertation was Mixed Reality applied to Pervasive Games. The future work section of my dissertation points to the Internet of Things, the Metaverse and by extension Cyber Physical Systems. My current domain of research (applied to the Metaverse) can be more clearly stated as System of Systems Integration (SoSI), with the systems being Massive Multiuser Virtual Environments.

Software Development

Prior to attaining my Ph.D., I worked as a professional software development with the majority of works being related to the medical field. After encountering MUD around 1995, my primary interest has always been virtual worlds; unfortunately, my commissions haven't been in that area.


In spirit with research, many commissions have been prototyping or feasibility testing, rather than building and maintaining a long standing product.


PhD, Distributed Technology-Sustained Pervasive Applications
Stockholm University

Doctor of Philosophy

Computer Science
Degree of Doctor of Philosophy awarded: 20/June/2016
Dissertation: Distributed Technology-Sustained Pervasive (Mixed Reality) Applications

Uppsala University

Master of Science (2-year)

Computer Science, Mathematics
Degree of Bachelor of Science awarded: 14/Sept/2009
Degree of Master of Science awarded: 01/Mar/2013
Master thesis: Analyzing Performance of Multicore Applications in Erlang

University of Antwerpen

Licentiaat in de Informatica

Computer Science
Erasmus student Uppsala University (2 years)
Degree of Kandidaat in de Informatica awarded: 13/Sept/2006
Degree of Licentiaat in de Informatica awarded: 01/July/2008
Grote Onderscheiding (Magna Cum Laude)
Thesis: GDD as Development Methodology


Research Scientist and Software Developer

Root Interface AB

11/2021 to present

Chief Scientist, Founder

  • Industry of Integrations
  • IPSME.dev
  • Store-of-stores


07/2021 to 08/2021
parental leave

10/2017 to 01/2021

Project Lead

  • Publication: IPSME-Idempotent Publish/Subscribe Messaging Environment
  • Project: MiM, Web of Interconnected Block Worlds
  • Project: Medical Resource Scheduling
  • Project: MXA for Akademiska Sjukhuset
  • Project: Metaverse- Doom3/Minecraft integration

Recursive Ascent

09/2010 to 09/2017


  • Project: Metaverse- Kickstarter: Internet 2021— The Metaverse — Internet of 3D Virtual Worlds

Ph.D. Candidate

03/2016 to 04/2017
parental leave

04/2012 to 02/2016
Stockholm University

Immersive Networking, Dept. of Computer and Systems Sciences

  • Publication: Virtual World, Defined from a Technological Perspective, and Applied to Video Games, Mixed Reality and the Metaverse
  • Publication: Spatiotemporal Modeling of a Pervasive Game
  • Publication: Distributed Technology-Sustained Pervasive Applications
  • Publication: Comparing Properties of Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds and the Internet of Things
  • Publication: A Survey of Characteristic Engine Features for Technology-Sustained Pervasive Games
  • Teaching: Supervisor: Victor Guerrero Corbi

01/2010 to 03/2012
Interactive Institute

Games Group, Mobile Life Centre

  • Project: Internet of MOO Things (IoMOOT)
  • Project: Codename: Heroes
  • Project: GDD as a Communication Medium
  • Project: Traveur (WeRunFree)
  • Publication: Athletes and street acrobats: designing for play as a community value in parkour
  • Publication: GDD as a Communication Medium
  • Teaching: Supervisor: Sergio Gayoso


09/2009 to 12/2009
upMarc, Uppsala Universitet

Research Assistant

  • Publication: Analyzing Performance of Multicore Applications in Erlang

08/2002 to 02/2007
Secure System Design, Uppsala

Consultant / Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship in software system architecture. Partially finance university. Self-employed as a consultant advising clients. Designed and implemented reliable in-house infrastructure paired with web-based solutions.

  • Project: StrakGroen
  • Project: Kairoo Records
  • Project: Overschrijvingen.be
  • Project: 1-Way Messenger

05/2003 to 10/2003
Profdoc AB, Uppsala

Software Developer

Remote work from Belgium to Sweden. Prototype Microsoft's I/O Completion Port model for a high through-put server and pinhole programming of a pass-through component integrating Sjunet(medical net) of Stockholm with the Internet.

  • Project: I/O Completion Port Server
  • Project: GRS_api Service Application

01/2001 to 07/2002
C3 NV, Belgium

Lead Developer

Development lead to further implement the calculation server, replacing legacy code, in the patient data management system for intensive care. Prototype a decision support system to aid medical decisions based on patient data.

  • Project: QSE, Calculation Server / Scripting Engine
  • Project: DAT, Decision Support System
  • Project: HuissierLogin, login manager with card reader

03/1999 to 11/2000
Real Software NV, Belgium

Software Developer

Various development roles, such as maintaining/extending existing applications, prototyping new technologies, and high-performance engine implementation. Pioneer usage of XML for the company and a "next-generation" search engine based on MsSQL full-text search.

  • Project: Var-E-Docs
  • Project: Filepool consultancy
  • Project: Hotrate.com
  • Project: FCmClient, FdskClient

1994 to 1998


Software/hardware technician migrating the client to a networked environment and introducing Windows95/NT.

  • Project: Nextra NV, Belgium

1988 to 1993

Assistant Manager / Cashier

"Fastest Cashier of 1700 stores throughout the USA" —Little Caesar's Pizza HQ


Academic 2013-14
Stockholm University


Master student, Victor Guerrero Corbi

Academic 2011-12
Interactive Institute


Master student, Sergio Gayoso

Spring & Winter 2008
Uppsala University

Lab Assistant

Programmeringsteknik I (Computer Programming I)

Summer 2007
Uppsala University

Teaching Assistant

Dataspelsutveckling I (Computer Games Development I)


Root Interface AB

Industry of Integrations (IOI)

IOI is such that if any two system interfaces (APIs) are known and accessible, that via the conventions of IPSME, a translation can be created. And! that that translation can be monetized.
Distributed Computing, Javascript/Node.js/React/Electron (Visual Studio Code), c++17/ObjC (Xcode), HTML/CSS, IPSME/IDL/JSON, npm, bash/make, git, antora/asciidoc, Public-key cryptography, Google Cloud, Docker/launchd, macOS.


Use the IPSME conventions to form a system of systems integration (SoSI) for a games/music/art store-of-stores.
Javascript/Node.js/React/Electron (Visual Studio Code), Apple Code Signing, Java(IntelliJ), HTML/CSS, IPSME/IDL/JSON/Protocol Buffers, git, antora/asciidoc, macOS/Linux(Ubuntu).


IPSME is a set of conventions that forms an architecture where any participant to talk to any other participant, without need for a central authority and without standardization, provided groups of participants speak the same protocol.
Javascript/Node.js (Visual Studio Code), c++17/ObjC (Xcode), IPSME/IDL/JSON, WebSockets/SharedWorkers/ServiceWorkers, bash/make, git, antora/asciidoc, macOS.


MiM, Web of Interconnected Block Worlds

Integration of Minecraft virtual world instances (including connection migration), by reverse engineering the Minecraft network layer and implementing client/server-side proxies.
Java(IntelliJ, gradle, reverse engineering, obfuscation), TCP/IP/UDP/Asynchronous Sockets, IPSME/IDL/Protocol Buffers/ZeroMQ, Public-key cryptography, git/patch, bash/make, ssh, Google Cloud, Docker, HTML/XML/Markdown, JSON/Gson, macOS/Linux(Ubuntu/Debian)/Windows10.

Medical Resource Scheduling

Prototype for integrating highly disparate systems for scheduling, using distributed asynchronous communication.
OOD/Go4 patterns, Distributed Computing/AI, c++17/ObjectiveC(Xcode), Java(IntelliJ, gradle), git, PubSub/IPSME/Protocol Buffers/ZeroMQ, macOS.

MXA for Akademiska Sjukhuset

Integration of a legacy system for the Sektionen för Klinisk Mikrobiologi och Vårdhygien, Akademiska Laboratoriet, Akademiska Sjukhuset.
go(Visual Studio Code), IPSME, JSON, HTTP/HTML/CSS, TLS/SSL/AES, SQL(Mimer), git, Windows services, Postman, macOS/Windows10/Windows Server.

Metaverse- Doom3/Minecraft integration

Implement a teleport from Doom3 to Minecraft and back, and the syncing of inventories allowing items to be carried over.
c/c++/ObjC(Xcode/g++/make), Java(IntelliJ), OSS, git, IPSME/IDL, PubSub/ZeroMQ, macOS.

Recursive Ascent

Metaverse- Kickstarter: Internet 2021— The Metaverse — Internet of 3D Virtual Worlds

Prototype interconnecting the worlds of MUD, Doom3 and Minecraft, written in MOO, c++ and Java, respectively. Ability to create rooms in MUD using Minecraft. A view from Minecraft into the world of Doom3.
c/c++/ObjC(Xcode/g++/make), Java(IntelliJ, reverse engineering), MOO(LambdaMOO/JHCore), OpenGL, OSS, IDL, TCP/IP/PubSub, macOS.

Ph.D. Candidate

Internet of MOO Things (IoMOOT)

A GammaMOO/Stunt.io virtual world as a behind the scenes resource to administer IoT devices in the user's physical world, with a dynamic TouchOSC mobile interface adapting to the IoT landscape of that user's physical location.
MOO(GammaMOO/JHCore), Javascript(Node.js), WebSockets/REST, Stunt.io, TouchOSC, iOS/macOS, svn.

Codename: Heroes

Architect the infrastructure for a persistent multiplayer pervasive game; implement the game engine, using a virtual world as mirror of the physical world. AndroidOS clients and a game master interface with the game engine.
OOA/OOD, c(g++/make), MOO(LambdaMOO/JHCore), Tcl, HTML/CSS/Javascript(Node.js), TCP/IP/WebSockets, TWiki, OSS, VMWare, macOS/Linux(Ubuntu)/AndroidOS, svn.

GDD as a Communication Medium

Prototype a new communication medium for the Game Design Document; via literature review, paper modeling, user-testing and an interview with two senior game designers from DICE, Stockholm, Sweden.

Traveur (WeRunFree)

Design of a meet-up map function for a pervasive service for the activity of Parkour running, striving towards `ubiquitous availability’ and `ubiquity of access’. Implementation of `probes’ to test feasibility of various technologies.
ObjC(Xcode), Java(Eclipse/AndroidSDK), REST/Json, iOS/AndroidOS, svn.

Secure System Design


IT consultant and web design/development for a landscape architect.
Web Domain admin, HTML4/CSS/XML, macOS.

Kairoo Records

IT consultant. Maintain entire IT domain of the client, including the development of an e-commerce music website linked to back office functionality. Migrate from a defunct system in VB6 to an immediate HTML/XML solution.
Java2(Eclipse), JSP, VB6(Visual Studio), SQL/PLSQL(Postgres/MySQL), HTML4/CSS, XML/XSLT/MsXML4, Win2000/XP.


Development of a SDK for sending (Belgium specific) invoices by email and connectivity with Internet banking.
c++(Visual Studio 6), Delphi(Pro7), PHP, Javascript, COM, XML/XSLT/MsXML4, HTML4/CSS, SpamAssassin, Win2000/XP.

1-Way Messenger

Development of skinnable one-way client/server messenger to deliver and pop-up update messages on 5000+ clients (possibly behind a firewall).
Delphi(Pro7), Windows services/WinAPI/GDI drawing (transparency), Multi-processing/threading, HTTP/HTML/XML, Win2000/XP/Win9x.

Profdoc AB

I/O Completion Port Server

Prototyping of a low-level technology for a high through-put, high performance server for 20000+ clients.
Delphi(Pro7)/Indy sockets, Microsoft Completion Ports/Winsock2/WinAPI, Multi-processing/threading, Win2000/XP.

GRS_api Service Application

Development of a pass-through component integrating Sjunet(medical net) of Stockholm with the Internet.
Delphi(Pro7), Windows service/SvCOM, XML/XSLT, WinAPI, SourceGear Vault, Win2000/XP.


QSE, Calculation Server / Scripting Engine

Inherit and complete the implementation of a server for medical data processing.
c++/VB6(Visual Studio 6), Windows Scripting Host, ATL, COM/DCOM, Multi-processing/threading, SQL, XML, Winsock, WinNT/Win2000.

DAT, Decision Support System

Design and prototype a system to assist medical personnel in decision making process.
OOA/OOD, c++(Visual Studio 6), COM/DCOM, Multi-processing/threading, XML, WinNT/Win2000.

HuissierLogin, login manager with card reader

Implement component to control login access via security card reader.
c++(Visual Studio 6), ATL, COM, SQL, WinNT/Win2000.

Real Software


Research and develop the XML pipeline, to be used in a document generation and delivery system, linked with an ERP/SAP system.
Java2, XML/XSD/XSLT/XPath, Unicode, CSS, Xerces XML parser/validator, Visual SourceSafe 6, Win9x/WinNT/Win2000.

Filepool consultancy

Implement a bridge between Java and the Linux OS; a COM interface for EventChannel event transfer protocol; and the website ezAttach asynchronous make & read using ASP.
Java(IBM SDK)/JNI, c/c++(Visual Studio 6/g++/make), ASP/HTML, COM, Visual SourceSafe 6, Linux(RedHat)/Win9x/WinNT.


Pioneer a high-performance search engine based on MsSQL full-text search (2mil records < 3sec), including database design/administration, hash caching, and HTML output.
ASP/HTML(Visual InterDev), c++/VB6(Visual Studio 6), SQL/Full Text Search(MsSQL Server 7), ADO/ODBC, Win9x/WinNT.

FCmClient, FdskClient

Maintain existing FCmClient application for the transfer of secure medical data. Create a disk transport version of FCmClient, by implementing the encryption/transfer/decryption pipeline and Unicode support.
c++(Visual Studio 6), MFC, XML/Unicode/UTF16, MD5, RAS dial-up/email transport, Install Shield Pro, Win9x/WinNT/Win2000.


Nextra NV, Belgium

Hardware and software administration of 10+ workstations; network administration of all with a Windows NT server and a network printer via Coaxial cable/Unshielded Twisted Pair. Configured Internet routing, security, and the sharing of media resources.



Add extension to WikkaWiki for the Comma-separated values (CSV) format, including support for Javascript programming to do cell calculations.
OSS, PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript, FTP, regex, git

*: Object-oriented Analysis/Design (OOA/OOD); Open-source software (OSS); Internet-of-Things (IoT); Gang of Four (Go4); Interface Description Language (IDL); ObjectiveC (ObjC); Publish/Subscribe (PubSub); LambdaMOO programming language (MOO); Advanced Encryption Standard (AES); Active Template Library (ATL); Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO); Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC);


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